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Janete Weinstein

Digital Journalist & Content Creator

A multimedia journalist with a passion for storytelling and specialized in digital content, news writing,  interviewing, video/audio storytelling, humor, business, and lifestyle news. A Mark Twain award-winning bilingual, English and Portuguese, professional.

Founder of BDCi TV, one of the most prestigious online news outlet in Portuguese based in California. A trailblazer and one of the most influential Portuguese speaking journalist in Los Angeles.

One of Janete’s most recent projects was publishing a photo book about the homeless community in Los Angeles County. She was able to highlight the lives of four individuals living on the streets for the past 17 years, and provide compelling insights and metrics about their growing community. This was a passion project, and the result is a book called “Life on The Streets of Los Angeles”.

Her love for sports led her to start a women’s soccer club in 2006. The Angels Women’s Soccer Club was active for seven years and was once coached by a renown Brazilian soccer player Rildo Menezes.

She produces and shoots national and international news. Weinstein is a creative, proficient and detail-oriented producer/editor with proven success and interest in producing entertaining, informative news pieces in English and Portuguese for the web and television.

As Senior Content Producer, Janete was able to do what she loves the most in her professional career: be a storyteller and work with creative minds. Besides creating website layouts, she has developed and executed social marketing plans in Portuguese and English, tripling the number of followers organically. Also produced original web series and generally shepherded other creative vehicles to result in the optimal multimedia footprint. Weinstein has spent the last ten years also as a social media and marketing manager, expanding, and developing a strong social media presence in three different countries.

Among her latest work are the coverage of the U.S.’ presidential elections, Brazil’s presidential elections, Oscars, Latin Grammys, local news, X Games, Surfing, Indy Car, Beach Volleyball, Brazilian athletes playing for the MLS and NBA leagues, MLS Cup, CONCACAF, FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 and World Cup Soccer 2014.

Born in Brazil, and raised in California, she now lives in Los Angeles.





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Contact me

Janete Weinstein

Los Angeles, CA


Phone:     +1.310.633.4690

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