Darfur United Women’s Soccer

Darfur United Women’s Soccer


Darfur United Women’s Soccer

DUWT - Sizzle

Created a sizzle for iACT, an non-profit organization to be the first-ever to launch an all-refugee soccer team for Darfuri refugee women called the Darfur United Women’s Team.

The goal is to provide the Women’s Team players with elite training foundations, tools, and knowledge so they are equipped to continue to train and improve in their camps. Additionally, these young female players of Darfur will have the opportunity to train, compete, and represent their people on the field and bring new possibilities for women and girls in their community, where few exist today.

Help iACT amplify the women’s stories and unique journey from refugees to athletes and leaders representing their team on the field and on the global stage through the beautiful





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    Jul . 14 . 2017

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  • City Rising – The Informal Economy